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( English as a second or foreign language.)

Lessons suited to your level and learning style! Now is the time to start your journey!

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Private English lesson fees:

30 mins: 15.50 Euros

45 mins: 18.50 Euros

60 mins: 20.50 Euros


Breaking News:

Phonetics/Pronunciation courses provided. Do e -mail for details !

Need to refresh your Grammar skills? Ask for a session or two, to get your feet off the ground.



World Class sessions online - one on one conversational sessions - just a click away!
We use videos, reading activities, audio clips and more to make lessons fun and entertaining!




What do I need, to start lessons?
1. Skype.
2. A google account.
3. A willingness to participate!
Internationally Diverse Student Community.
Need a chat partner for after class practice - we can organize that for you!



Advance Your Education, Kick Start Your Career - practice with teacher B ahead of those exams!
What we offer: TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS AND CAE Exam preparation.



For any further information - you know how to contact us! 
Reinvent Yourself:
Be experimental! Make mistakes! Love language! Learn! Ask questions!

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